History of Phoenix

The Age of Titans/Myths – The first titans were Reborn that awoke saturated with creation magic. These primordials divided along elemental lines: Positive and Negative, Air and Earth, Fire and Water. Their battles were endless, and the first world was created from the corpses and detritus of those titanic conflicts.

The Reborn arriving at this time forward began incorporating multiple elemental magics together in unique ways, and were not automatically drawn to a particular elemental faction. Finally these Reborn formed a faction unto themselves and schemed to tether the elemental centers of power to the edge of the (ever expanding) ethereal plane. They were successful, but the newly forming world was stretched as the elemental planes were tugged apart. This cataclysm marked the end of the age.

The First Age – The Reborn survivors and new arrivals, along with the indigenous races created in the prior age, now began to explore, populate and settle this wondrous new world.

It is still only a few generations into this first age.

History of Phoenix

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