The Phoenix

Some myths say that somewhere in the vastness, someone wished that the mythical Phoenix Bird could bring back worthy souls from death so they too could live on to fight on the side of light once more.

The wish was granted, and every morning The Phoenix rises from the ashes of the Realm of Fire, spreads its wings and flies to the heavens. Once there it calls out for a soul of goodness, truth, and light, and that soul sparks life – manifesting as an egg which drops down to The Nest of The Phoenix. The Phoenix would then continue on until it perished by falling into the Sundown Sea, giving its life so that rain clouds could form and nourish the land.

Of course, these days we know the sun is created by the Sun Cannon, and that souls are attracted from the vastness of the void at precisely Noon, when the sun is in conjunction with the Fey Nest and the Eye of Light.

Others say The Phoenix is The Eye of Light who no longer must sacrifice himself daily after the elements were harnessed and Sun Cannon was built.

The Phoenix

Phoenix Blinderzoff